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We believe there are several factors contributing to our success and ultimately yours:

  • Expansive network of highly-skilled professionals
  • Competitive rates
  • Solid relationships

Expansive Network of Consultants

Having worked in the IT industry for almost 4 decades, the depth and breadth of our network reaches across multiple areas of communication, process improvement, project management and learning and development.

Highly Skilled Professionals

Our consultants average 10 to 20 years of experience—more than twice the industry average. Many of them have advanced degrees and certifications.

Competitive Rates

Our overhead is low and our business model is lean. Consultants are fairly compensated, while we offer competitive rates to our clients.


We build solid and dependable relationships with both our clients and our consultants. When clients need staff augmentation for highly visible projects, they contact us time and again. Consultants rolling off projects contact us first because they know we are fair, treat them with respect and offer better pay.